Squeak web servers; headless?

Georg Gollmann gollmann at edvz.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Mar 2 15:16:57 UTC 1998

>Hi.  I saw that there were several web server implementations
>in Squeak, and I was wondering; does anyone know if
>it is possible/ have any experience running Squeak "headless"
>as a web server?  That is, with no window, all
>input coming through web sockets etc.
>This would be important as the web server machine(s)
>I would consider do not have any windowing system installed
>(they are HP and Sun workstations running HPUX and Solaris).

No worries.
The Unix sources have a compiler flag "HEADLESS" that stubs out all X
related code. So one can prepare an image using a normal VM (on any
platform) and then run it under a headless VM.


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