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Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Sat Mar 28 18:41:42 UTC 1998


Since I was tired to hack plain text files when trying to port some stuff
to Squeak I've put a FileContentsBrowser on the UIUC server. The idea is
that while the class browser is a great tool it can currently not be used
to give us a "structured view" on a (syntactically correct) Smalltalk
source code file. That's exactly what the FileContentsBrowser is doing.
It just scans the file and you can browse the classes and methods of this
file _without_ having to actually install it. 

I found it very helpful when porting stuff even though it's very simple
at the moment (you cannot modify anything). Also, I like it much more to
review changes than the current change list. Another reason I put this
onto the server is the recent discussion about where to put applications
such that people are aware of it. One could easily think of adding some
ftp support to it such that you can browse the contents of any application
on any ftp server around the world.

Just try it!
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