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Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Mar 24 14:50:04 UTC 1998

>To support this mode of use, I've created a new area on the Squeak
>Wiki (http://c2.com:8080) entitled "SqueakApplications", and added
>an example entry for Georg's Web Server. (Georg, I hope you don't mind.
>Feel free to edit it!)
>I also added a page entitled "ApplicationedWanted", similar to the
>PortWishList page. This may help coordinate sets of people interested
>in porting some application (such as T-Gen) to Squeak.

Do we need a third category -- parts/pieces, not complete applications?  Or
do we want to just collapse these into applications?  I'm thinking what of
my work to post there.  Swiki and a ClassroomTools package we're working on
are clearly applications, but FileDictionary and CachedSwiki are pieces to
other applications.  Similarly, the nifty Exceptions mechanism that got
posted recently looks like a piece to contribute to an application.  Shall
we just lump them all together in the SqueakApplications page?


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