HotDraw for Squeak ?

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Mon May 4 18:03:47 UTC 1998


> I am a student at the university of Paderborn, and I want to write
> a Scientific Visualisation Tool. I saw HotDraw and believe, that this is
> a very good starting point.

That heavily depends on what you consider to be "Scientific Visualization"
;-)) The term is commonly used in Computer Graphics to describe stuff like
vector field or scattered data visualization. If you want to do such stuff
then I rather doubt that HotDraw is the right starting point.

> Has anyone tried to transport it to Squeak?

Don't know exactly. I know that some people have expressed interest in
porting it but I've no idea how far these efforts are.

> What experience s/he has made ?

It's a really cool drawing editor. A lot of fun in particular if you
want to extend it by yourself. But until it's ported to Squeak it might be
better to use it with VisualWorks. There will be a free version of
VisualWorks 3.0 for Windows but I don't know if it's out yet.

> I am glad about every hint and any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you're not interested in a drawing program (i.e., if you want to do
some "real" scientific visualization ;-)) feel free to contact me by
email. I'm sure we can figure out something (no need to give everyone on
the list an introduction to SciViz stuff :).


PS. Du bist nicht vielleicht bei Frau Domik?! Der Matthias K–nig ist
    n”mlich jetzt in unserem Institut ;^)

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