Squeak 2.0 trouble? (on Mac)

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Fri May 29 21:31:46 UTC 1998


The method in question is

So here's a QUICK FIX (other than retrieving in binary mode):

Open SqueakV2.sources in some robust text editor, and find the method.  It begins as follows...

fileNameFormattedFrom: entry sizePad: sizePad sortMode: sortMode
	"Parse one ftp directory entry

Insert a blank character in a safe place anywhere in that method (to make up for the linefeed that got deleted.  Then save that copy (no conversion) over the old one.  POOF!  Your Squeak source code should all be in sync.

Today I will fix this in our original sources and store a new copy onto the UIUC server.  Once that is done, any derivative files with this problem can be re-created, and the problem will go away.

Thank you for your alert!

	- Dan

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