Tips for Squeak 2.0?

Tim Olson tim at
Mon May 11 02:12:25 UTC 1998

I wrote:

>> in 2.0Beta, the Morphic controls have changed:
>>      control key down    -- invoke meta menu

Tom replied:
>Hmmmm.  Are you seeing Squeak intercept control key down okay
>in the 2.0 beta?
>Running the beta with System 8.1, control click seems to 
>bring up a grayed out Apple contextual menu.

Interesting -- I'm running an older version (7.5.5), which came out 
before the contextual menus were added.  Are other folks running 8.0 and 
above seeing the contextual menu problem?  If so, I wonder if there's a 
way to programmatically disable it while Squeak is running...

     -- tim

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