Squeak 2.0 Beta Release (feedback)

Maloney johnm at wdi.disney.com
Thu May 14 06:03:37 UTC 1998

At 11:49 PM +0200 5/9/98, Sabine van Loon wrote:
>here's some feedback on the 2.0 Beta Release.
>Platform: Win95 on 486DX-100MHz with 32 MB RAM.
>SerialPorts and MIDI:
>	Works fine for me.
>	cursor tracking is faster. 
>	overall speed is slow. E.g. Open Morphic Construction: 7 seconds.
>	Construction: reminds me a lot of the PARTS Workbench in VSE.
>	Nice trashcan in Construction.
>	I like the new backgroundcolor
>	How about changing the browser default background color to white?
>	Apparently the bold versions of Comic are not derived. Why?
>	(They use a different naming scheme and have different point size)
>	Why not add Andreas' stfont.st to the image?
>	(Eases the possibility to add new fonts).
>	My VM reported an uptime of 10h54m36s after (what I thought was) 10
>minutes work. 
>	Never knew I was that slow ;-).
>Invisible characters
>	Didn't make it?
>Indented volume list
>	Didn't make it?
>Best regards, Reinier.

Thanks for the feedback. The uptime reported is uptime for
the machine, not for this session of Squeak. Slightly misleading,
I know.

	-- John

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