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At 01:13 AM 5/1/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Uhh, could some explain what this Refactoring Browser does?
>Why is it so special?
>I mean, I've downloaded the code but didn't get the idea.

For a quick definition of refactoring, look at:

For some more in-depth information on refactoring and it's various
permutations, you might find the papers at the following URL useful:

Here is the synopsis from a readme file at the /papers level:

	""Refactorings are program transformations that do not change the function 
	""of a program, just its structure.  They are usually applied to make a
	""more reusable.  We focus on refactoring OO programs.
	""        Bill Opdyke's thesis
	""       A paper that describes refactorings involving aggregation.
	""        A paper that describes refactorings involving inheritance.

For more information on the browser itself, look at:

While you're there, you might look at all the other neat papers thar Ralph
Johnson and his students have written about patterns, frameworks and other
useful topics.


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