Squeak for UnixWare

Thomas Jordan jordan at irs.fzk.de
Fri May 29 14:15:41 UTC 1998

Ian Piumarta wrote:
> > Oh my.  I actually managed to get it working with just:
> >    cc -D__GNUC__ -o Squeak *.c -lX11 -lXext -lm -lsocket -lnsl
> > I still like makefiles better, though.
> Adding "-D__GNUC__" to the CFLAGS definition in the UnixWare section
> of GNUmakefile.conf should do the trick...
> Ian

I tried to compile Squeak 2.0 on RISC6000 IBM with AIX 4.1.
During linking an error occurred: some references could not be resolved:
Is it possible that I need X11 Release 6 (here we have Release 5 and
I heard of some problems with shared libs with gnu cc on IBM linked to
libraries, ELF format...).
Or is something differnt wrong?

Thank you for any help in advance
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