Squeak Team Plans...

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Wed May 27 17:52:33 UTC 1998

I thought it would be useful for you to know some of our near- and far-term plans.

Beginning around June 4, we're going to hunker down and focus on some of our internal work.  For probably a month, then, you can expect fewer updates and fewer messages from us.  I haven't really figured this one out, though.  We might keep putting out updates, but batched up in large groups.  I just have to figure a scheme that doesn't take up a lot of our time.

Until that time, though, we will continue to clean up and publish updates for the 2.0 release.
Here is a rough outline of where this activity will center over the next week:

Improve the convenience and effectiveness of removing parts of Squeak.
	Hopefully this will culminate in a simple 'majorShrink' that will produce
	an up-to-date image for WinCE and palm-top machines
	Our goal of the past has been full development in a 1MB image,
	and a usble subset that runs (with VM and free sapce) in a 1MB partition.

Rework the mouseOver logic in Morphic to reduce overhead, and eliminate quirks
	like multiple active scrollbars.

Release a couple of goodies that didn't make it into the release
	Morphic support for translucency (Michael Stevens), and
	Show-invisible-characters mode (Reinier van Loon)

Make it easier to import fonts, images, and active morphs from remote
	archives via the fileList.

	- Dan

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