question about BufferMsecs in SoundPlayer

CYNTHIA NELSON cindynelson at
Sun May 3 18:35:07 UTC 1998

Hi Everyone, 

Thanks John and Andreas for all your help. To answer your 
questions about my system. On my NT box (also boots to Win 95)
I have an AMI dual processor motherboard with two Pentium
Pro 200 chips, 128MB of RAM, a CreativeLabs AWE64 sound
card and also the harddrive I use for Squeak is fairly new
with a fast seek time. Therefore, I do not think the hardware
is a problem.

I did set UseReverb := false and also used the "remark out"
method. I still had to do the:

 SoundPlayer startUp; stopReverb.

to stop the reverb. I tried your suggestion of resetting the 
sampling rate and I got an error message when I tried to run the
workspace. I still cannot get all the voices to play clearly 
with NT. I kind of thought playing with the Buffer to fix this
problem might be a waste of time so thanks for verifying that. 
I did try changing the sound card settings with NT to no avail. 

Here is the GOOD news. Even though I was having the same problem 
with Win95, I reset the software for my sound card. The new settings
fixed the problem and the sound from Squeak is really good. I will 
just work on my sound project with Win95 and wait for 2.0 to continue 
working with sound using NT. 

I sort of ran into this little adventure on my way to doing 
something else. I suppose I should get back to the major task at

Thanks again.

Cindy Nelson

At 10:31 AM 5/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Re: Problem #1.
>>>In order to get rid of a rather abundant reverb, it seemed
>>>just resetting the reverb to false in the initialization file
>>>did not turn it off so I used this. I do not know why it works
>>>like this.
>>>SoundPlayer startUp.
>>>SoundPlayer stopReverb.
>>>PluckedSound bachFugue play.
>>You're right, that's what you have to do right now.
>>I'll look into this.
>Found the problem. The fix will be in 2.0. (If you want
>to fix it yourself, just remove the "UseReverb := true"
>statement in SoundPlayer>initialize.)
>	-- John
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