Updates 'R' Us

Helge Horch hhorch at wuerzburg.netsurf.de
Sun May 31 02:34:50 UTC 1998

Hi all,

At 07:04 26.05.98 -0400, Jeff Odell wrote:
>After setting my proxy server correctly, the update worked well for me also.
>I was using the recently released WIN32 port for 2.0.
>For those who may have missed the message, setting the proxy server was as
>simple as executing:
>	HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: '' port: 8080.

Thanks for the hint, that saved me a bit of a headache before even trying
the update mechanism. I must say it's way cool.

As I watched changesets 058* to 077* roll in, I wondered whether I should
file them all out for backup purposes. Just the other day, I have had an
image crash on me. (Easy, all work recovered from the changelog, but a
crash.dmp tends to shatter my confidence for a day or two.)

The real question is, will the changesets remain available until the next
image release? And did I miss any below 058*?

Have a squeaky pentecost eve,
              "Ich habe fertig." -- G. T.
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