compile/link problem on Solaris

Joe Davison jwdavison at
Fri May 1 13:27:45 UTC 1998

Is there a central place where I could look for bug reports/solutions (other 
than scanning all messages to this newsgroup)?

I dropped off the list for a few months, and had to discard my 1.23 version.
I just picked up the sources for 1.31 and tried to build it on Solaris 2.5.x.

The first time I did the make I got error messages from the compiler indicating
unresolved symbol references, but hadn't captured them in a file, so I
cleaned up and made the system again, capturing the error messages; there
weren't any this time...  (Why not? -- compiler got smarter, I guess )

Anyway, it built and started up nicely.  I've hit one problem consistently:
Play With Me - 4, which displays the "Back to the Future" memo, has this
little problem:  If I click on the arrow to go to the next page, the system
freezes and the only way I have found to recover is to kill the process.

Anyone know of a problem like that?


Another question:  Is it possible to build the system completely from 
scratch, without using a preexisting image file (but with a changes file
and the sources)?  If I take the C sources and build the VM, can I have it
build the system from the sources?  How? -- where's that documented?


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