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Thu May 28 17:32:13 UTC 1998

At 6:58 AM -0700 5/28/98, Joe Davison wrote:

>the block.  So the block is probably faster.  On the other hand since the
>block is anonymous it will probably need to be replicated if it needs to be
>plugged into several different slots,

I guess this is the best argument. Folks will probably replicate the
block notation rather than write a single block and use it via variable
everywhere, thereby using a lot more space.

>while the method simply has the
>selector duplicated.   Furthermore, because of the way method
>identification is done, different classes can use the same selector with
>different implementations -- so the same "browser view" can be used by
>signifcantly different browsers by providing different methods for the same
>selector.   That's probably the biggest argument for staying with selectors.

If the block is passed the view as an argument it can just send the
same selector to the view and acheive the same result.
There is no difference.

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