HELP: Squeak went unstable running PWS.

johnm at johnm at
Fri Oct 30 16:03:22 UTC 1998


We believe that both Squeak 2.2 and PWS are stable under Win95. There
was a problem with PWS, but it was fixed in an update. Try the following:

  1. get and unpack the Squeak 2.2 release, including the 2.2 virtual machine
  2. start the image and fetch all updates using the "update code from server"
     command in the "help..." menu
  3. save the updated image
  4. start up PWS using this image

Let me know if you still have problems.

	-- John

"John Fletcher" <J.P.Fletcher at> wrote:
> I am running Squeak 2.0 on Windows 95 OSR2, mainly to run the PWS 
> server.  I have been running this for some time, as I when also 
> mounter version 2.1 it seemed to give no advantages, and I am 
> waiting for a stable 2.2/PWS combination.
> The problem is that the Squeak image stopped responding to mouse 
> clicks, so that I could not start up the PWS server, or do anything 
> else.
> It was not the computer system, as the 2.1 Squeak ran O.K.

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