help needed attributing a quote

Helge Horch hhorch at
Fri Oct 23 15:52:14 UTC 1998

First, thanks to Dan, Alan, and all others who helped here on the list and
by email to nail the quote down. Funny what time (and a bad memory) can do
to a quote. Another couple of years, and it comes out as either Haiku or
Limerick. <g>

At 07:07 23.10.98 -0400, Bob Jarvis wrote:
>Is this paper available on the web or in print anywhere?

I don't think it's on the web, but Universities' C.S. library departments
usually carry a lot of ACM publications and proceedings (at least here in
Europe). That's where I discovered my copy many years ago. (If you can't
find the SIG-POPL volumes anywhere, don't hesitate to contact me directly.)


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