Squeak Version 2.2 released

Kevin Fisher kfisher at rim.net
Fri Sep 25 12:11:07 UTC 1998

Dan Ingalls <DanI at wdi.disney.com> wrote:

> >The image comes up in 16bit display depth, which for some reason isn't
> >working quite right (I don't have 2.2beta here to compare against, but I
> >thought this worked there) -- change to 8 or 32 bit display depth and it
> >works fine.
> Ack!
> I beg your pardon.  I will change this and replace the files immediately.
> 	- Dan

Yeah, I saw that 16-bit bug in 2.1 but I just brushed it off...I normally run 
in 16-bit mode anyway, but 2.1 always defaulted to 8 (I'm only running the PWS 
on my NT box anyways so I don't need all those colours).

I think I'll try the 2.2 PWS again...maybe all the problems I was having were 
due to the flaky 16-bit mode...

Other than that I _really_ like what I see in 2.2...plus my co-workers are 
making good use out of my Swiki so I can do some subliminal Smalltalk 

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