Tim Olson tim at
Sat Sep 12 18:54:32 UTC 1998

Andres wrote:

>I've noticed that the FormEditor does not display the last line at the 
>bottom of the form that's being edited. I tried to find the bug but I 
>find the fencepost error. Errrr... do you know where could it be???

It's in the FormEditor class >> createOnForm: method.  In there, the 
following code:

	aView window extent > formView viewport extent
		ifTrue: [formView borderWidthLeft: 1 right: 1 top: 0 bottom: 1]
		ifFalse: [formView borderWidthLeft: 0 right: 0 top: 0 bottom: 1].

sets the bottom borderWidth to 1, which eats into the Form being 
displayed.  I'm not sure what this code is trying to do, but if you 
remove it, the form should be displayed correctly.

     -- tim

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