Updating old 2.1 images to 2.2 (limited interest)

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Wed Sep 16 00:23:10 UTC 1998

I'm repeatedly having crashes on the Win32 VM at about 200. Have not yet
tested the Mac VM (other stuff running ;'). I'm still hammering on display postscript...


William Barnett-Lewis
wlewis at mailbag.com

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Folks -
> The beta release should be on its way this evening.
> For those of you who are updating old versions of Squeak, I have just put out another 40 or so updates on the update servers.  These are tied to the new version name, so in order to see them, you will have to reset the version number of your image.
> Here's the full procedure, if you want to move a 2.1 image forward with continuity,
>         * get all updates (the last of 2.1)
>             ...the last should be number 227
>         * execute...
>             EToySystem eToyVersion: 'Squeak2.2beta' date: '10 September 1998'.
>         * get all updates again (the current set for 2.2)
>            ...this should get you up to around 268
> Good luck, and please let me know offline if you have any problems /or/ if it works for you (I am curious if anyone is trying to maintain independent forks).
> Thanks
>         - Dan

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