Toward a great Mini Squeak for PDA's

Dan Shafer dan at
Fri Sep 25 03:23:40 UTC 1998

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> >Rejuvenated support for shrinking the Squeak system (see Image Size).
> Back in Squeak 1.2 we had an image that provided a complete development environement (browser, debugger, fileList, compiler, full graphics, etc) in about 650k.
> I have succeeded in reproducing such an image from 2.2.  It ends up being around 790k because it includes several things that were not there in 1.2, and also, I have not spent any time being really careful about identifying unnecessary stuff in that image - YET.  I know we could get back to 650k, and maybe less without a lot of trouble.
> My goal would be to have a truly great lean Squeak that can be produced from our latest release in 10 minutes, together with appropriate interpreters, ready for Microsoft's WinCE II ("Jupiter" (doesn't sound small to me ;-)) announcement in October, and all those PDA's that we'll be looking at for Christmas.
> I am proposing to release a Mini Squeak of the Week until we are done that everyone can try out and critique.  The form this would take is a few updates, and a do-it that you can execute to make the latest Mini squeak.  When we get something good, I will post a Mini2.2 image on UIUC.
> First of all I would like to encourage anyone who is now working on it, or who has an inclination, to prepare interpreters for one or two existing WinCE machines.  It should not be that hard to bring Blair McGlashen's 1.2 VM up to date for the Cassiopeia and HP machines.  Then it would be nice to prepare for a couple of the new Jupiter machines as well.
> Secondly, I would like some folks to use and abuse the latest Mini version, find the places where it gets errors due to missing parts, and submit fixes that either remove the options, or work around the missing parts.  It would be useful also to peruse the system and comment on what is of no use in a PDA, and what should be added, or at least not deleted.
> I will periodically fold those suggestions together with an increasingly aggressive removal procedure, and iterate the process for a few weeks
> So, if you are interested in working with me for a couple of weeks, please respond privately, and we'll move this along.  You can get a taste of it right now by fetching 2.2, making a copy of the image, and executing...
>         Smalltalk discardVMConstruction.
>         Smalltalk discardSoundSynthesis.
>         Smalltalk discardOddsAndEnds.
>         Smalltalk discardNetworking.
>         Smalltalk discardMorphic.
>         Smalltalk majorShrink.
>         Smalltalk abandonSources.
> This should produce the first Mini Squeak of the Week for you to play with.  Then, if you have comments or suggestions, send them along, and we will be on our way.
> Thanks
>         - Dan
Probably I'm just showing my ignorance here, but the above lines don't
execute in my Squeak 2.2 beta image on a Mac. I keep getting "unknown
selector" errors. (Actually, the second one did work.)
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