Anybody running a Swiki on a Win95 box?

Andreas Dieberger adieber at
Wed Sep 23 02:58:16 UTC 1998


Sorry to bother the entire Squeak list with this - is there a better place
to ask that question?

I have a Mac and a Win95 box on my office desk and I'd like to set up a
Swiki on the Windoze machine because I use the Mac too much for normal
development work. Now I played around with it for a while today and somehow
I just didn't get the SWIKI to do anything. Is there anything that I have
to do differently than on the Mac side? I set the serverDirectory in
ServerAction trying both the mac conventions (with : as separator) as well
as with $\ as separator for directories.

As I didn't have a server folder on the Win side, I just copied the server
folder from my Mac swiki over to the Win box. Is that something I shouldn't
do maybe?

I'd appreciate any hints.



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