Squeak Version 2.2 released

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Thu Sep 24 20:17:07 UTC 1998

Kevin Fisher wrote:
> Whups...I've already run into a few problems!  I'm using the 2.1 Squeak.exe
> (under Windoze NT) and running the newly-downloaded Squeak2.2.image/changes
> files.  If I highlight some text it gets totally obscured...the highlight
> and the text colour are the same colour.  Same goes for the root menu popup.

The image comes up in 16bit display depth, which for some reason isn't
working quite right (I don't have 2.2beta here to compare against, but I
thought this worked there) -- change to 8 or 32 bit display depth and it
works fine.

By the way, I started the "shrink" sequence Dan posted to create the
MiniSqueak image and got clobbered - haven't had time to sort out what
exactly is happening though.

-- Dwight

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