Browser Autolabeling

Maurice Rabb m3rabb at
Thu Sep 3 17:12:08 UTC 1998

>Hey! that's great. Now I can work with a million Browsers opened (like I
>always wanted) without loosing mi mind!!.
>You have a small bug in Browser >> label .

Thanks!  I'm glad you like it.

>   ^ label isNil ifTrue:[''] ifFalse:[label]
>I like the idea to have an #ifNil: message but I try not to add messages
>to the default classes (is not too painful to write a few more characters,
>there are only a few because of Cmd-T and Cmd-F :-).

Thanks for the bug report.  Actually the code should be:

        ^label ifNil: ['']

#ifNil: is already one of the system methods.  The error is a hold over
from when I had Object>>value in my system. ;-)

I am about to move the code from the Swiki to my new ftp site.


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