Squeak Version 2.2 released

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Thu Sep 24 21:19:37 UTC 1998

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Dwight Hughes wrote:
> >By the way, I started the "shrink" sequence Dan posted to create the
> >MiniSqueak image and got clobbered - haven't had time to sort out what
> >exactly is happening though.
> Oops.
> Smalltalk majorShrink does all the other shrinks as well (and has trouble if they have already been done).
> Therefore, simply run
>         Smalltalk majorShrink.
> to get the small image.  You may follow this by
>         Smalltalk abandonSources.
> if you want to try out decompilation, or really run in a PDA, but it takes a while and doesn't make the image any smaller (in fact it adds a bit).
> Thanks for the alert.
>         - Dan

Thanks! I had my "duh" moment about ten minutes ago and tried exactly
that -- everything worked fine. Wound up with a 772KB image (after I
remembered to delete all the "Play With Me" windows).

-- Dwight

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