Running Squeak without sound card

Mark Wai mwai at
Tue Sep 29 23:23:54 UTC 1998

I never think of this but...

I just installed Squeak in a number of OS/2 boxes for new people to try out
Squeak at my site.  Unfortunately, our boxes are either without sound card
or the sound card does not work under OS/2 (our boxes are originally
configured for NT).

Anyway, when we tried "play with me - 4" with the BookMorph ('Back to the
Future'), when we hit the 'next' key, debugger comes up complaining
primitive 170 failed.  So one user who happens to know a bit of Smalltalk
commented out SoundPlayer class>>primSoundStartBufferSize:rate:stereo: and
restart the process.  And then another debugger came up complaining
primitive 173 failed and when she finally decided to close the debugger, the
system completely hanged and she has to reboot the system.

Now I put a temp fix in AbstractSound >> play to disable any sound to play
and it seems to work fine.

Mark Wai
Wator Innovision
mailto: mwai at or:[ mwai at] 

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