Getting Started with Squeak

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at
Tue Sep 29 14:42:43 UTC 1998

Thanks for the tip; I cut/pasted it into my "old system workspace" that
I keep transferring to the new images because of cool tidbits like this.
Odds are I'll keep using the browser, but it's still a good sample when
I need to remember how to automagically dump something to a file.

Perhaps a cleaned up version of the system workspace could be restored
to the base image? I know it's taught this newby a lot.


Dwight Hughes wrote:
> Or you can just evaluate:
> (FileStream newFileNamed: 'hierarchySqueak2.2.txt')
>                 nextPutAll: Object printHierarchy; close
> To tell the truth though, I always do it the WIMPy way myself :-).
> -- Dwight
> Dwight Hughes wrote:
> > Ken G. Brown wrote:
> >
> > > Also, is there an easy way to post an indented listing of the complete
> > > Squeak class structure to a file for printing? I feel it would be helpful
> > > to see a short form of all that is available in the environment and how it
> > > is organized.
> >
> > Open up a "System Browser", select "Kernel-Objects", select class
> > Object, pop up the menu and select "hierarchy" - this will create
> > exactly what you want. To get it to a file - scroll to the end of the
> > text, place mouse pointer after all the text and double-click, this will
> > select all the hierarchy text, which you can then copy-and-paste to your
> > favorite text editor.

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