Windoze-2-1-1.cs coming soon

Pennell pennell at
Sat Sep 5 13:34:44 UTC 1998


I was attempting to try it out this week and couldn't find a late model
And I second the request for Reiner's enhancements.  I've grown quite
comfortable with
the Squeak look and feel over time, but I think this will help me sell it to
some of my
unbelieving coleagues.

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Date: Friday, September 04, 1998 5:47 PM
Subject: Windoze-2-1-1.cs coming soon

>I have ported Windoze-1-3-4 to Version 2.1 and uploaded it to UIUC.
>All of an afternoon's work.  I really like the new pluggable views
>Should take a couple od days to show up.
>Perhaps Reinier van Loon will soon port all his enhancements as well!
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