Socket in Squeak

sgarcia at sgarcia at
Fri Sep 18 15:30:33 UTC 1998


     I am Sergio Garcia Canto. I work with Squeak when I have free time.

     I am working with socket.
     I can connect a client with a server by socket. I used the following
messages to do it:


          connectTo: aServer port: aNumber
          listenOn: aPort

     I do not find the classes and messages to implement the following:

     1.- A client is  listening on a port (protocol or service) of TCP/IP
and It connects with several clients use the same port, but diferent

     2.- A client or server broadcast something throught a port of TCP/IP
and all machines are listening on this port are received this packet.

     Is it posible in Squeak? How ?

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