Squeak & Mozilla

Kevin Fisher kfisher at rim.net
Thu Apr 29 15:27:31 UTC 1999

Well, at this point it was more of a 'suggestive thought' at the
moment...I'm currently a bit involved in a different Squeak-related
project, but I'd be interested in seeing the hooks for doing it...I may be
interested in giving it a shot!

I haven't looked at how Mozilla is doing plugins yet, but I know it's
going to be very modular...I believe it will use an 'external' JVM for
Java, which is what made me think of Squeak.  Oddly, I find myself using
Mozilla more and more these days even in it's pre-alpha state (out of
frustration with Nscape 4.5)..the new GTK+ interface (on UNIX) is slick.

On a side-related note, it looks like the GTK+/Qt-native port of Squeak
is dead...I revisited the web site and got the message that "QT and GTK
Squeak Smalltalk are no longer available. " :(


Does anyone know what happened?

On 29-Apr-99 John.Maloney at disney.com wrote:
> Kevin,
> Making Squeak run as a plugin is a great idea, and you don't
> even need to tear into the Mozilla source code to do it! There's
> a Netscape Plugin SDK available from the Netscape web site
> that gives you all the interfaces you need. What's more, I'm
> pretty sure that this SDK produces plugins that work with
> Internet Explorer as well as Netscape Navigator.
> We actually had this working at one time (2.5 years ago),
> but when I tried to get it going again, I got system errors
> and I haven't had the patience to get to the bottom of the
> problem. It's probably something trivial, perhaps having to
> do with memory allocation...
> If you're serious about this project, I can give you
> pointers to the old hooks for doing this. If you're just
> hoping someone else will do it, don't worry. Someone
> probably will...
>       -- John
> At 7:14 AM -0400 4/29/99, Kevin Fisher wrote:
>>Hi all:
>>I've been playing around with the most recent CVS builds of Mozilla
>>(www.mozilla.org) and I had a thought yesterday...since Mozilla is
>>completely open source, it would seem the ideal browser to build some
>>kind of Squeak plugin for. 
>>I realize there is an ActiveX plugin floating around out there, but for
>>us non-Windoze types it doesn't help a whole lot.  I'm just thinking it
>>might be an ideal way to promote Squeak, the same way Netscape promoted
>>Java.  And the thought of everyone having access to  Squeak Pages in
>>their web browsers just makes me smile too...

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