browser update problem

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Tue Apr 27 08:27:08 UTC 1999

>Joshua Gargus writes:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > When I grab a browser from the right-hand global flap, 
> > it doesn't update itself when I add a new class, method,
> > etc.  If I get a new browser from the flap, it shows the
> > changes.
>  I must be blind, but, what are these 'flaps' that people keep
>talking about.  There in Morphic, right?  How do I set things so that
>I can see them?

In a morphic project, open a preferences panel and choose useGlobalFlaps.

Folks -- take a tip from the experts:  we don't know everything that's there either, but we know how to make Squeak work for us...

1.  Try the selector finder, and type in 'flaps'.  This will at least get you to explainFlaps, plus a number of other relevant methods.

2.  Also you could type and select 'flaps' somewhere (or select the one you just typed), and hit cmd-shift-E to find all methods with that word in a string.  That would get you Preferences initializeHelpMessages, among others.

Kudos to Scott Wallace for this cool new feature in 2.4, and to Ted Kaehler and Scott for these tools I recommend.

	- Dan

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