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Wed Apr 28 18:10:20 UTC 1999

Just off the top of my head, I would think that the lack of runtime type
info for Java's primitive types would make applying such dynamic
optimization in any general fashion a rather daunting task in practice.

-- Dwight 

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> That would be a facinating fact, if true, given the amount of real estate dedicated to dynamic optimization in the white paper.
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> "Andrew C. Greenberg" wrote:
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> > All kidding aside, it will be nice to see a serious, commercial
> > dynamic optimization finally hit the decks.  Unsurprisingly, Sun is
> > already downplaying expectations, suggesting that Hotspot will be
> > more significant on the server side than the client side, at least on
> > the first release.  (Quite true, since the server is likely to stay
> > "warm" longer.)
> >
> > I did find the following bullet points in the white paper very
> > amusing.  It appears that Sun has discovered that the following
> > tricks, in addition to its admittedly way-cool dynamic profiling and
> > adaptive optimizing, can lead to improved peformance in a VM:
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> It was my understanding (and this is a somewhat rumour driven
> understanding) that the HotSpot VM, actually employs very little of the
> "dynamic profiling and adaptive optimization" developed by the Sun Self
> project and furthered by the Animorphic HotSpot work. That most of the
> improvements in performance are of the more conventional sort. Maybe
> others know more which would help dispel/validate this "rumour"?
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