[VM] NCM performance report

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Tue Apr 6 17:34:54 UTC 1999

On Tue 06 Apr, Peter Crowther wrote:
> > Say possibly 4000 Closures in a ful image? If Closures were
> > header/closureheader/bytecodepointer, that would add ~50kb to
> > the image in
> > return for quite a bit of performance, block temporaries
> > (yay!) and block
> > recursion. I'd go for that quite happily.
> And simplification in the debugger and interpreter, likely easier exception
> handling, and my secure image being able to pass around security on block
> invocations :-).  'Yes please' would be the polite way of putting it.
So, Craig & Ian - how's dem Closures doing? :-)

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