3D on Unix systems (was: A wrinkle in the release process)

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Thu Apr 22 01:19:26 UTC 1999

	It turns out that the very last proceedure in the relase process
failed, and so the released 2.4 image lacks a few minor updates ...

One more note on the lacking updates: The released 2.4 version does not
include an update of the 3D stuff which I consider important since it
increases the speed of the 3D stuff by about 30-50% (Hey Dan, this is NO
minor update in the field of 3D graphics ;-) Thus, Unix guys are *strongly*
encouraged to build a new Squeak 3D library from 2.4a (the change does not
affect Mac/Win32 since I built these libs from a system that did include
this change set).


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