Squeak 2.4 available

Brett Taylor btaylor at quiknet.com
Wed Apr 21 15:41:56 UTC 1999

I also have this problem on NT. Where can I get a previous or updated
version of the DLL for NT?


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>There seems to be a problem with the Squeak3D.dll that's on the FTP server.
>I pulled down the files to make sure everything was working ok and
>discovered that PWM-7 crashed Squeak on my Win98 machine.  However, when I
>swapped in a previous version of the DLL it worked fine.  I dropped Dan and
>Andreas email, so as soon as they get a new DLL up things should run
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>> Did anybody succeed running "PWM-7" on Windows? On the system
>> I'm using now
>> (PPro 200), it runs prohibitively slow, after several minutes
>> the text area
>> actually gets focus and shows scroll bar, but beyond that
>> nothing happens.
>> And I did download DLLs, and they are in squeak directory...
>> Bolot

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