Peter William Lount peter at
Fri Apr 30 15:43:00 UTC 1999

Hi, is avaliable for
being a mirror as well. Where are the latest binaries and sources located
for all the versions? It's not so clear where to find them all...

All the best,

Peter William Lount
peter at

From: Peter Crowther <peter.crowther at>
To: squeak at
Subject: RE: down?
Date: April 30, 1999 5:36 AM

> I'm currently trying to set up an alternate server on the outside of
> the firewall (and at the same time register a DNS alias for it called
> "" :^), but there may well be a period in the next few
> weeks during which no FTP access whatsoever to Squeak stuff at INRIA
> is possible.

Ian --- I still have wyrm at U of M with a couple of hundred Mbytes of free
space and a backbone link if you need a FTP server in a hurry on this side
of the Atlantic.

		- Peter

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