Squeak -> Objective-C translation

Marcel Weiher marcel at system.de
Wed Apr 7 17:00:19 UTC 1999

Hi folks,

I've finally started work on a version of the C-Translator capable  
of producing Objective-C.  There are several applications I am  
targeting:  (1) using Squeak to develop/prototype Objective-C code  
(2a) using Objective-C as an intermediate plug-in language that is  
semantically closer (2b) translating larger portions of Squeak libs  
to dynamically bound native code and (3) making VM/Interpreter code  
OO to allow for better integration, easier experimentation and  
multiple interpreters.

I couldn't see a way to easily subclass the CCodeGenerator, so I've  
been page-faulting code into a new extensible code-generator based on  
FilterStreams that will then support subclasses for both Objective-C  
and plain C generation.  As far as I can tell, these should take  
less space than the current C-generation support due to some  
refactorings and the FilterStream savings.


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