Newbie Q: fork, Delay, Semaphore: how and when to use

John-Reed Maffeo rlpa80 at
Tue Apr 13 23:14:36 UTC 1999

I would like to modify FileList to allow it to pass a filename back
to another method.

When I use "FileList open", that statement executes but none of the
following statments. 

Adding brackets and a fork seem to help "[Filelist open. fork]" but
the following statments execute before I finish navigating the 
FileList views to select the file who's name I want returned.

It seems like I need a Delay or a Semaphore somewhere, but I don't
know how to use them.

My problem seems to be related to the fact that FileList has its
own controller that takes off and does not return to the current
context ( am I using that term correctly?).

What I want is a generalized filename selection dialog box like the
ones we see all over Mac and Windows.

Suggestions, comments?

Thank You,

John-Reed Maffeo
Mesa, Arizona

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