Updates to Release 2.3

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Fri Jan 29 04:37:28 UTC 1999

On Thu 28 Jan, Dan Ingalls wrote:

>  This particular clever tweak has become an archetype of the "if i
> t ain't broke dont fix it" situation.  It was proffered as an improvement and we didn'
> t live with it long enough before sending it out to all.
I find it immensely annoying to have a window pop up with just the one
version  - it causes a significant portion of that 'whydidthatidiotdothat'
frustration mainly produced by commuting.
Perhaps an answer more universally acceptable would be for the 'version'
entry in the menu to be greyed out for methods with no previous versions?
Of course that would involve making cleverer menus (yes, Carl has done that
before and should get it out again) that can handle greying out,
hierarchical doohickeys, etc etc.
Another possibility might be for a menu to popup with a list of the
versions plus a last option to open a window with them all:-
	10/12/98 di
	12/12/98 tk
	13/12/98 tpr
	open all
sort of thing.

On a related vein, it might be wise to allow auto-diffing in the version
browser to be either an option or conveniently halted; some methods can
take a _long_ time to diff and you don't always want that info. Perhaps a
button somewhere in the browser?


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