Good references covering Smalltalk-80

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Wed Jan 6 20:39:25 UTC 1999

Doug Way <dway at> writes:

> Also, for a step-by-step tutorial with examples, it's hard to beat the
> tutorial which came with Smalltalk/V (now Smalltalk Express, only
> available for Windows).  The concepts carry over to other Smalltalks quite
> well.  (Although it would be great if there were a tutorial this good
> available for Squeak.)  The tutorial is on the web at: 
> (Smalltalk Express is also available for free from
> - Doug Way
>   dway at
>   dway at

Seconded.  Also _On to Smalltalk_ <cited in an earlier post> uses ST
Express as its Smalltalk implementation of choice.

(Currently learning on Smalltalk Express, hoping to transfer the
gained clue back to Squeak :)
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