Dangling SystemWindow's in 2.3Beta

Pennell's pennell at tiac.net
Sat Jan 2 14:27:25 UTC 1999


>The five windows that are eluding you are all related to the default "standard parts bin".
>Squeak maintains a prototype of the parts bin in >memory so that one can be quickly
>produced upon request via "veryDeepCopy" of this prototype.

Aha,  those MorphThumbnail's pointing to them should have been a clue.

>(For those that may not have noticed, if you bring up a parts bin [via the "authoring tools"
>menu in a morphic project] and look through its pages, you'll come upon a page that
>offers a browser, a workspace, a file-browser, etc.  If it suits your style to keep a parts
>bin up, you may find this to be a convenient way to launch such tools.)

Wow, they launch very, very fast!  This should be a useful technique for launching large


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