Usability of Squeak on PDA's

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Thu Jan 28 11:08:24 UTC 1999

"David Pennell" <pennell at> wrote...
>Can users/porters of Squeak on PDA's comment on the usability
>and performance?

I ran the mini image on the Cassiopeia and the HP620LX over a year ago and it ran just fine.

>My PalmPilot recently died and I'm shopping for something about
>the same size with a backlit screen and the ability to record a 
>couple of minutes of verbal notes.  Squeak support would be a bonus.

I don't know of any equally small HP, but the Cassio E-10 and variants ought to run Squeak pretty well.  It's conceivable that even the old Cassiopeia VM might run, though it would be nice to make up a new one to go with Mini2.2.

	- Dan

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