Expert Systems and Squeak

Eugene Wallingford wallingf at
Fri Jan 8 22:36:28 UTC 1999

Ralph writes:

> Note that Tektronix originally sold Smalltalk on their "AI workstation",
> that "Applied Reasoning" started life as an AI company (the founders
> learned Smalltalk on a robotics project at Purdue) and I wouldn't be
> surprised if "Knowledge Systems Corporation" didn't, as well.  I am not
> an AI expert, but I think Smalltalk would do well at it.

     Folks interested in Smalltalk for AI should talk to Jon Sticklen
     (sticklen at, head of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory
     (, I think).  When I was a student of Jon's
     in the late '80s, he made a conscious choice to move from Lisp
     to Smalltalk for all of our major knowledge-based systems projects.
     They have built and are using and refining a number of KBS shells,
     both for small research projects and for larger, fielded applications.

     I haven't been able to draw Jon into the Squeak fold yet, but I'm
     still working on him.

---- Eugene

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