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Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at
Sat Jan 23 13:24:28 UTC 1999

Marcel Weiher wrote:
> "An Event-Driven Model-View-Controller Framework for Smalltalk" by
> Yen-Ping Shan describes an integration where polling and events are
> used in parellel.  He claims that implementing one on top of the
> other is not possible and therefore both need the be present unless
> all the Controllers are rewritten.

I can easily envision a system where any is built on top of the other:
* Convert a stream of events into pollable state: Have an event
collector that applies the events (say, mouse interrupts) into state
(mouse position / key state).
* Convert state into a stream of events: Have a state-recording object;
each setter routines activates the event handlers that have registered
with the state object.

I suspect there are some assumptions in Yen-Ping Shan's article that I'm
not aware of. However, I don't see any serious limitations with the
techniques detailed above. Somebody please enlighten me...

> I haven't checked that part yet.
> The paper can be found in the OOPSLA 89 proceedings.

Unfortunately I'm basically restricted to electronically-published
papers, so I'll just miss that one.

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