Evaluating HTML-Smalltalk Code in Scamper (with attached zip)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sat Jan 23 17:23:21 UTC 1999

>>>>> "David" == David Farber <dfarber at numenor.com> writes:

David> i had the same reaction when i first read this, but after
David> mulling it over a bit i think he did the right thing. a
David> <code></code> block only denotes that the specified information
David> is source code of some sort. for the mainstream browers, this
David> means that the text in the tag get printed in a mono-spaced
David> font. <script> on the other hand is code that the browser is
David> supposed to execute, if it can. i believe that the original
David> intent of the snippet originally posted was to make scamper
David> intelligent enough to make it easy to evaluate smalltalk code
David> that was specified in the html as code. this is not the same as
David> scripting; this is just letting the user "do it" (in time
David> honored Smalltalk fashion) without cutting and pasting to a
David> workspace.

Yes, after a clearer reading the next day, I concur.  I withdraw my
observation. :)

David> speaking of scripting--is there some way to hook the perl
David> parser/compiler such that i could massage errors into html?
David> currently if a perl script i've written to dynamically generate
David> html has any kind of error, the error text gets gobbled by the
David> server and the server returns a different error that just says
David> that the script misbehaved. i was thinking that surely there
David> was something somewhere in perl that i could hook that would
David> let me wrap stdout so i could generate an html page that
David> notified me of the error. ideas?

Of course.  Many of the programs I've written for my monthly
WebTechniques Perl column have tackled that exact problem in various
ways with different levels of sophistication.  The online archive of
past columns is at
<URL:http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/WebTechniques/>.  Special thanks
to MFI for letting me put the column they own on my website.

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