2.3, Unix, and Squeak central

Ivan Brusic ivan at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 27 05:49:29 UTC 1999

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Bill Cattey wrote:

> I've got the 2.3 image and changes file, and I'm running them on my
> Solaris and Linux systems in the 2.3beta image I got from inria.  I've
> noticed that sometimes morphic projects get VERRRRRY slow, and the Play
> With Me 3 (16 bits) demo project, when entered hangs the VM and ALT<.>
> can't interrupt.

One possible problem with the Play With Me 3 (16 bits)
demo project is that the TTSampleStringMorph is wrapped by 4 or 5
MatrixTransformMorphs.  This causes numerous calculations for any mouse



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