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Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Tue Jan 19 06:18:23 UTC 1999

On Mon 18 Jan, Dwight Hughes wrote:
> Alright now, let's not get into a "tastes great"/"less filling" debate.
> :-) I find it quite interesting to consider what one might potentially
> do with the combination of an ImageCreator (which would be part of the
> Squeak image, not an external static program) _and_ the SystemTracer.
Err, I'm confused; not that this is such an unusual occurence you
understand :-)
One way to  read your sentence above is that you think the SystemTracer is
an external program - but I'm convinced you don't actually mean that since
you have demonstrated on plenty of occasions that you know what you're
talking about. So I'm puzzled as to what you see an ImageCreator doing that
the cloner doesn't already do? I've used it on many occasions to create new
images with different content, format, layout, and whatever else I have had
to alter. What is missing? Is it just too-early mental binding of
SystemTracer to some idea of 'merely' recreating the extant image? Or am I
so tired tonight that my random sigline applies to me :-)


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