Remote desktops under Squeak?

Bob Hartwig hartwig at
Thu Jan 28 23:32:45 UTC 1999

Are there any plans for full-blown data conferencing, including shared
whiteboards and remote control?  How about IP Telephony?

At 12:34 PM 1/28/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>I have a question...what is the purpose of the 'remote' connections under
>>Squeak (in morphic projects)?  The most I can get it to do is to share
>>between two machines running squeak, but the desktop is not shared (like
>>Another thing I noticed:  I could only 'share' between a Windows Squeak
and a
>>Unix squeak...Unix to Unix did not work (produced a debug window).
>This was part of a quick hack that John and I did for OOPSLA '97.  The
idea is:
>As long as a bunch of machines start running the exact same configuration
of Morphic, and each runs all the other remote hands, then in theory, they
will all remain synchronized without any need for serious data
synchronization.  In other words it is possible to run a multi-user
painting program with no more net bandwidth than mouse coordinates, because
the high bandwidth work (painting the screen) is being done locally on each
machine (we demoed this at OOPSLA).  Similarly we lashed up a techno music
generator that could play music in real time with multiple users, the key
being that the only info that had to be transmitted were the mouse events
that implied that a given sound object was being picked up or dropped in a
given place.
>It's clear that there are ways that this will fail, and it's clear what
more is needed to do more with multiple users, but this is the answer to
your question about where this feature came from and what it does.
>I can't tell you anything about why it works or doesn't with different
platform combinations -- I'm amazed it still works at all ;-)
>	- Dan

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