lego mindstorms and Squeak (mac-specific aside - GOOD NEWS!)

Donald T. Major, II sasdtm at
Wed Jan 6 20:26:12 UTC 1999

This isn't really the proper forum for this, but I think I ought to share this,
and I know there's SOME interest:

As a mac user, I was disappointed to learn about Lego's Windows-centric position
after buying one for myself.

Then I found out about the Windows/Mac Lego/Dacta CD-ROM. That at $99 and a $15
Palm "MacPac" adaptor to use with the IR connection tower have me up and running
- with no OCX (as far as I know).

Yeah, it's *another* $100+, but at least I can now program my RCX on my platform
of choice!

"Stephan B. Wessels" wrote:

> Thanks, that's a link I'm familiar with.  There's actually quite a wealth of
> web sites of interesting work going on with Mindstorms.  I'm hoping that the
> Squeak interface had already been worked out.
> It was pointed out that an OCX control exists (that's true) but how it limits
> the user to Windows (also true).  At one level, just getting to where I can
> write Squeak code to run (by translation to proper op-codes) in the robot
> itself appeals to me very much.  So finding a way that only works in Windows
> versions of Squeak is okay.  At a higher level, I'm curious about how
> difficult it would be to actually write the serial I/O stuff to download and
> communicate with the robot (via the I/R link) from inside Squeak, and
> therefore be more portable.

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