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Tom Burns tburns at
Fri Jun 11 21:28:04 UTC 1999

> Anyhow, how about this:
> 	seed := (Time millisecondClockValue bitAnd: 16r3FFFFFFF)
> 			bitXor: self hash + 1.
> The #bitAnd: assures that the clock value is less than the 
> value 'm' and removes dependencies on the maximum clock value; it might 
> change some day!  The #bitXor: assures that the result is not zero, and
> addition of 1 assures against self hash answering zero. Most of this is 
> paranoia, but then that's a disease old programmers get!
> Anyone see anything I missed?

Well, if the max clock value might change, so might the max SmallInteger
value, so perhaps one should use "SmallInteger maxVal" rather than
16r3FFFFFFF.  :-)

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