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Dino gte949e at
Mon Jun 7 06:15:28 UTC 1999

Or perhaps better yet, create the hierarchy into a Swiki format so that
everyone can add to it or append comments!  Since Swiki is in Squeak,
there's probably a way for it to synchronize each class in Squeak with its
own page so that if new classes are added, they will be automatically added
to the API.

-- Dino  (waiting for Comanche and Sqwiki!)

Peter Smet wrote:
> Perhaps we could pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps
> here and use dandelion to produce a nice HTML formatted
> class hierachy. This could constitute a make-shift reference
> manual. I agree the html document would still need comments
> and examples, but it's a good start.
> Peter
> >I think it may be worthwhile to stop madly coding for one or two weeks and
> >just comment all the classes you've all designed.  It would probably
> >improve coding efficiency since most coders will not know the entire Squeak
> >hierarchy and may need to use something they have never encountered
> >before.  Although they could probably just study the code and figure it
> >out, it would probably be a whole lot easier with a simple example that
> >describes the operation in detail.
> >
> >(I've gotta start commenting my classes too! :)
> >
> >-- Dino
> >
> >

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